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A community for showing off pics of yifing!
Decided to make this community just for furs to post images of their sexploits together. Solo images/vids are OK, too, but would best go in show_yer_sheath *for males*, or show_yer_murf *for females*. Stuff can be anything involving two or more people together at once. The usual two people, threesomes, foursomes, larger groups, etc. Can also be people using toys on each other, it doesn't have to be actual-human-body-part against actual-human-body-part stuff. So long as it involves two or more people having naughty *legal* fun, it's acceptable here!


You must be 18 to join! If you don't have your full birthday in your profile you won't be accepted.

Be kind! Do not insult those who post to this group. If I see any cases of harassment, or if any is reported to me, I will remove you from the community.

Nothing illegal! If it's illegal in the US, don't post it. If you're not from the US and therefore not sure, either ask or simply don't post.

This is for furries! If you aren't furry or don't know what one is, this may not be the place for you. If you want to post anyway, you're more than welcome, but do not insult the furry users in any way. There may be images of yiffing in fursuits or other such "strange" activities. If there's a chance it will bother you, you'll want to stay out.

Users should make all posts friends locked, and put images behind a cut with warnings of what is going on so that if someone doesn't want to see that particular activity, they don't have to. It's just some basic courtesy.

Rules, interests, and such like that is a work in progress for now. Hopefully this place won't stay completely dead forever, but at least it's here for anyone who wants to be involved. ^_^